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“I have very simple tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." (Oscar Wilde)

Ulmer Fleisch GmbH

In a location that is traditionally important for the domestic livestock and meat industry, we have lately become one of the leading companies in the southern German meat industry.

As the link between agriculture and consumers, we are reliable buyers on the one hand and efficient providers on the other. As a company of the Müller Group, our ample entrepreneurial family experience, combined with the know-how of our employees, make us an ideal partner for the entire meat assortment.

Ulmer Fleisch: tradition and innovation together at a great location!

Your customers expect the highest quality. We offer it.

Our high weekly slaughter rate enables you to:

  • offer an optimal product range in line with your wishes
  • for beef, select your desired maturation length for different cuts
  • enjoy guaranteed proof of origin

Varied product assortment

Guaranteed top quality, freshness and cuts for our customers from daily slaughter.

Superior quality from southern Germany. We are your partner for

  • beef
  • pork

Your career with us

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Interesting job offers, new challenges - apply directly online or contact us by phone.
If your desired position is not currently open, feel free to submit your speculative application directly to us.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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