We guarantee quality and quantity on a daily basis through state-of-the-art slaughterhouses, the constant optimisation of slaughterhouse hygiene, and the expertise of our employees.
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Areas of operation:

  • Slaughter:
    beef and pork
  • Cutting:
    beef and pork
  • Meat trade
    A complete range of products in the products groups beef, pork, veal and lamb - fresh, frozen and vacuum-packed Offal, fresh and frozen
  • Contract slaughtering:
    beef, pork
  • Meat market:
    for butchers, restaurants and bulk consumers

Beef slaughter

The beef slaughterhouse, which was completely re-modernised in 2004, is the heart of our production.

We guarantee quality and quantity on a daily basis through state-of-the-art slaughterhouses, the constant optimisation of slaughterhouse hygiene and the expertise of our employees.

Our average weekly slaughter throughput is 2,600 to 3,000 pieces, which yields an annual slaughter volume of 150,000 pieces – and we're on an upward trend.

Beef quartering

Beef quartering and rough cutting of halves are the first significant processing steps after rapid cooling.

Over 50,000 tons are processed here every year. Modern conveyor technology with automatic target control simplifies sorting while enabling quick access to sorted animal qualities.

Individual animal-specific information on slaughtered carcasses is captured by scanning slaughtering labels, stored centrally and made always accessible, among other things, for batch formation.

Vacuum production

Cutting and vacuum packaging at the highest standards of quality

Ulmer Fleisch supplies high-quality, finely-cut beef and pork in any desired quantity.

Our high-quality products and individually requested cuts can only be made possible through tightly organised, often-automated operating processes, as well as with the help of experienced, dedicated specialist staff.

Optimal refrigeration equipment in our cold stores - particularly in our new cold store building - guarantees the freshness and quality of our products. Product safety is guaranteed through regular checks as part of our quality management process.

Pork slaughter

Pork is slaughtered near the production area at the Süddeutsche Schweinfleisch Zentrum Ulm Donautal GmbH, which belongs to the group of companies.

Pork cutting

After the slaughter at SFZU, a company of the Müller Group, slaughter halves are conveyed to the cutting process with subsequent fine cutting. There is a customer-specific, nearly end-user-friendly cutting with subsequent packaging.

The freshness of pork products is the top priority and, therefore, underlies all other quality assurance measures such as salmonella monitoring and our in-house HACCP concept.
Furthermore, a large number of pigs are produced or marketed under the "QS" quality standard.